by June   Dec 23, 2009

The snow has settled,
children are playing and having fun.
Most are busy building snowmen,
and if like mine have built more than one.

But snow is not fun all fun for everyone,
me I landed on my bum and now it's sore!.
Then there are those who've got to get to work,
driving in it wasn't fun that's for sure.

The roads came to a standstill,
normal journeys took way too long.
Some gave up and abandoned their cars,
where were the gritters?what on earth went wrong?.

Oh well what's the use in moaning,
at least the snow makes for a pretty sight.
Keeps the kids busy so I can wrap pressies,
worn them out too so they sleep well at night.


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  • 11 years ago


    Good to see you back writting