Happily ever after

by Alleycat   Dec 25, 2009

Taking a walk down memory lane,
thinking of all the sorrow and pain.

Each tear as silent as the last,
on this joyful day remembering the past.

Cheerful laughter all around,
but no matter how loud you hear no sound.

You see smiles everywhere you turn,
but to smile is something you will never learn.

Your heart starts to race when you hear his name,
because you are surprised that he came.

He holds you close so tender and warm,
coming so close to saving you from a storm.

Your body starts going numb,
and you get scared not knowing what you will become.

You feel a sharp pain in your chest,
and you know if he has your heart you can rest.

Pain shoots through your eyes,
because you can see right through his lies.

He let you fall once before,
so you know his love is no more.

He stole your heart and ran away,
after all those times he said he would stay.

He broke your heart for another girl,
and your whole existence begins to swirl.

Your goals get caught in a fog,
and you grow tired of choosing the wrong frog.

Then the day came when you found your prince,
and you have been living happily ever from that day since.


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