Scars Of The System TO Battle Once More

by DAYLON   Jan 25, 2010

Here lies a broken man from system of Britain.
Here lays a leader to lead people in the future,
Only to pushed aside by system of the corrupt,
His heart is purer than Holy Grail Essence.
Only to torn apart by the benefit system,
To be raped by tribunals to ignore reasoning.

Here lies a confused man from corrupted laws.
Here lays a philosopher swallowing his own time,
Only to be left alone in his mind to live in death,
His heart is beating with time slipping away,
Only to watch the world to slip away
Into a sick darkness filled fear of fellow neighbours.

Here lies a man work so hard to live.
Here lays honesty to be jailed by police of deception,
Only for each moment to be question by fools,
His heart has a question for the world,
Only for; where it all went wrong?
As we left the leaders to get away with war crimes.

Only for a moment to change the tide,
A large drum beat can be heard again
Once a devastated heart; is beating stronger than before.
To face the people that tore his mind apart,
That brought him down to his knees,
Almost threw him inside the slammer for 10 years.

How can state govern and give probation to mental illness?
It shows as a race we still to young to understand our power,
While the suits and cooperates control the media to our minds.
Strike a hammer blow to the systems of mankind,
As it be a cold day in hell before he follow policies of today,
We know it was the system that broke a man dreams.

Now once a victim is now a warrior,
Anything that the state says or does means nothing,
As he believes, why he should listen? When they didn't
He knows it all clear, is to follow his own path,
Leave the taxation behind, leave fallen to fall.
He knows its time mankind to evolve and to follow.
To follow to evolution of life to become better than before,
To what that is for exploring to unknown to know.

Ready to explore the unknown to know?
Or ready to perish like dinosaurs?


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