Meet again!

by DAYLON   Jan 2, 2008

Outside my window is a dull and cloudy sky,
The weather reflects my feelings of misery,
As I try and bring fourth any sunshine,
I hear that there has been a death.
The rain clouds now are over cast above my roof,
Ready to let the water pour down in droplets of rain.
Now as my friend lay dead within this world.
I think back of all the good times we shared together.
The jokes we once played upon one another,
As we also teamed up to play pranks on others.
Comedians of our court that we were,
Now only to be separated by death,
Only to be rejoined by my death in the future.
May my time be fulfilling as yours my friend.
The past and present was fun,
The future I can enjoy with the memories of the good times.
May you live in peace and harmony, rest in peace.
My good friend and see you soon.


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