I enjoy the dark days aswell as the days of light. We need one to go with other, otherwise we have no growth for our soul. We would not appreciate the temple we live in during the experience of this life before going back to the infinite consciousness.

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  • I remember a time where someone could speak from...
    while the police would walk on never oppressing...

  • Here lies a broken man from system of Britain.
    Here lays a leader to lead people in the future...

  • Each and everyday, I think about suicide,
    Britain is a place for the dead thinkers...

  • I can see you hurting inside,
    A world passing you by...

  • Outside my window is a dull and cloudy sky,
    The weather reflects my feelings of misery...

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  • To live only in rainbow and dream boats is to miss the mistakes to learn from.

    11 years ago
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  • Cold wall keep out the pain, cold wall keeps out potential lovers.

    12 years ago
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  • Give it time to grow and you may be surprised.

    13 years ago
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