Set In Stone

by Alleycat   Feb 16, 2010

Set In Stone

How can he look into my eyes,
And just see through all the lies.
He knows what I really feel in my heart,
Thats why I thought we would never be torn apart.
Ive learned that this game called life is so unfair,
But there aren't many people who honestly care.
He could look in my eyes and feel my pain,
When we were together I had everything to gain.
When I would cry he wiped my tears,
And when I slept he got rid of all of my fears.
I always saw him from the perfect angle,
But in the end he left he to dangle.
I was hanging above the pits of hell,
All because I was under his spell.
The heat is becoming so cruel,
But my mind will never forget one rule.
Something started pulsing through every single vain,
And it felt worse than any pain.
Then I woke up to a screaming heart,
To the cruel realization that we were torn apart.
So in all reality my love came to soak,
And in the end my heart was broke.
When he left me I was so alone,
And now my heart is set in stone.


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