Extended version secret love.

by damont   Mar 9, 2010

This secret love

she loves me with her heart
i know it in my heart
she loves me but can't say it
when she hugs me i can feel it

and in my mind i know its
meant to be
the ring on her finger
should belong to me
her body my possession
and mine hers to be

for soon heavens gaze
will fall upon us both
for my heart cries to be
with her--- true love

true happiness doesn't exist
just a momentary
imitation occurs
but my soul isn't happy

i can deny my true feelings
but i can't deny the lose of air
my heart pounding in my chest
the gut knowledge that i have

i wish it wasn't so sometimes
but i have to be honest with myself
yes!!! "honesty" is the best solution
she still loves me

i can tell i held her hips longer when we parted ways
and in my head i imagined the kiss that lasted days
cheek to cheek but the desire for my lips wasn't missed
i didn't wanna let her go but i watched as she walked away from me

i yelled something but my voice didn't reach
i kept yelling until she turned and waved back at me
usually its temptation but not this time its something else.
its my own soul telling me she's perfect for me.


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