by damont   Oct 23, 2011

Father i have sinned.

i took into consideration a bastard a child
turned my back on the mother multiple times
unborn womb but the connection i have with her
is the umbilical cord to my stomach too.
she feeds me constantly drama
is choice of food and i tried to cut ties
but children aren't allowed to use scissors
so you see...
i sleep with the depths of her demons
devouring her in my bedsheets
her problems are resolved with back rubs
and kiss downs till i find it in myself to get down..
on my knee's father i pray for forgiveness
im stricken with guilt a sudden illness have befallen
my heart and love has conquered my mind
growth in these steps i take to walk a mile
in her shoes for we walk side by side
she's puts her right foot first i my....
i have fallen into deep troubles
all that i ask is you guide her footsteps as i follow.

wrote this on the spot ya'll like fresh off the brain what ya'll think comment?


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