by damont   Oct 22, 2012

Dear Owner

do you even remember me? The one you used. let me recall the story
Folding me in the triangle you got the sides of this story all twisted
all im meant for is to wipe the dirt off your clothes,
all the mess of your face
all the spit from your mouth
but you got me confused
i wish i could wipe the dirt from the foul
i wish i could protect the innocent baby occasionally
i'm your unsung superhero
i'm the right napkin on your right side
contorted and twist to perfection
my symmetry aligns the gap between poor and rich
don't you know i make you look good? they call you fancy!

but you just dispose of me when your finish
once you've made my snow white appearance
a remnant, torn disconfigured
i know i wasn't meant to last in your life
but do you have to throw me to the way side
i know i was there for you by your side
eatin where you laid, laid where you ate
tissues are overrated, they aren't bought to the table to dine
wine spills are my specialty so are the spills from your eyes let me wipe your tears
i get the wetness up better

i wonder once im discarded will you think to call me
once more to thought or im i just a tool
to protect your family image,
they say the fondest memories are made when gathered around the table
i make your memories memorable, not just table i do more work
but once i'm dirty you throw me away but once your dirty i make clean you
sometimes i wish i was a reverted napkin reverted back into a tree, and i grow up on you
the only way i could hurt you is if i fell upon you so forgive me for once leaning on you
merely a thought only to put face to finger, finger to face, lets face these facts
i was carried on the blacks when i was reverted back to my origins
your ancestors took lashes, i take your lashes
i absorb your pain and languish for i was once the cause
but please understand this i'm more than just a discarded memory
of soon to be white trash upon your table
i'm the napkin that wipes, i'm the change clothed white knight
im your napkin so treat me with some respect but most of all
remember me please the next time you use me remember me
remember me

signed napkin


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