Adios to the beauty whose forgotten me

by damont   Jan 22, 2012

Although we parted many times before
goodbyes never brought any closure
you remain in the depths of my heart-living
although silence speaks for us both now
replacing words with echoing reminders of our past
today i say goodbye to the memories
tortured by my own heart its betrayed me like
i betrayed you.
wishing for forgiveness i hope i find it in myself
the very blades with which cut my mind
i use to defend myself by cutting my own insanity
and the lies... they havent stopped
since i lie to my heart saying it can beat without you everyday
as if you didnt become the pulse and breathe of my life
well dearly departed its time
for this time is not like our first goodbye
those words ive eaten are bitter
there was sweet victory in lost
that this ghost can not hurt more than he's hurting...himself
i hear a calling and although you may never recieve this
or read these words
or relate any longer because you've moved on
i wish to join you one last time
we're we both move forward putting our steps in synch
but never to face each other for we walk different paths
i've put my pride in the depths of my shadow which is behind me
i see the light and sorrow like vultures surround the sparrow
watching over me.
it emits from my pores the tears because my eyes can not contain the depths
but my cries fall to the silence we speak where you cant hear or feel me
so today i walk with hope and pray for change
today i seek help and consultation on how to deal
with a reoccuring breaking heart
i dont need to say it, you already know...

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