One More Night in the Abyss

by Fixxxer   Mar 19, 2010

Gazing into a glistening abyss.
Dreaming of you.. your touch.. your kiss..
Ebony mirror, silver rift.
Pale reflection of ghosts adrift.

Dancing lights across the sky.
Embers of dreams soon will die.
Flickering flames of a love past.
Just like the night, can never last.

Phoenix feathers that grace the dawn,
chase the fog of times foregone.
Pearls of silver, sparkling jade.
Fallen memories pierce the shade.

A love to find forever lost.
A battered heart, consumed by frost.
Bitterness seeks to form old scars.
Another night, cascading stars.

Craters eclipsed by stubborn bliss.
Hidden canyons where love persists.
One more victim of Cupid's kiss.
Just one more night in the abyss.


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