Fresh Air

by Alleycat   Apr 10, 2010

Some how your words cut me deep,
As you leave me alone to fall asleep.
You always want your way and to fight,
Then in morning light you act like every things alright.
You say you "love me" but your feelings aren't even there,
Truth of the matter is for you it the only one you care.
You tell me you pour your heart, life, and soul into me,
If you did my feelings and tears are what you would see.
you act like you know it all,
But you don't know how far I'll fall.
How can you call this love,
When all you do is push and shove.
You cause me pain that you don't even see,
But there is something that we both agree.
That all this fighting is getting old,
And you are turning me heart so cold.
I though you were someone I could befriend,
But apparently not if this is the end.
My feelings will die a slow death,
But in the end i can take a fresh breath.


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