by Noelle Wright   Apr 30, 2010

It's happening again everything just went dark
i feel my heart pumping hard from being startled
i look around and the light comes dimly and dimly
and eventually the light is all around I'm thinking i have woken up
but then something happens that seems so real that i know in
my mind it cant be real it cant be happening;; this happen to me
never..as i run for cover fighting my way to the last place i may be alive
breathing hard my heart pumping as fast as it can go tears running down my face
then they all run by screaming shouting my name i sat there in puddle of tears i wonder
why me why this i dont where i am as my eye site gets better i realize I'm here at home but who?
is shouting for me who wants to find me as i hear a shatter of glass break against the wall nothing in world seems real expect the the soft warm tears i feel running down my face i cant sit here
and feel sorry for myself i have to fight for life i have to fight whatever is against me i have to be able to see my family again i cant just sit here in my puddle of tears so i gather my pride and i slowly turn around and take a deep breath preparing to face my enemy as i slowly turn around the corner i hear a yell in the distance screaming "angel wake up come back" as i sit and think am i dreaming is this not real then the ground becomes hott i here the chanting in the back ground voices screaming for help i hear my name being chanted by what seems to be a million people but yet i hear the voice screaming "angel wake up come back " a mans soft voice and when i hear i feel as tho i can take on the world and no one can ever hurt me but then he goes away and i feel my self slowly being sucked in to the hot burning ground every time i think a bad thought of something Ive done in the past i slowly sink down in the burning ground but when i hear his voice yelling my name ill slowly come back up as i sit and realize this is what is happening i finally know someone is not against me someone is not doing this to me i realize i am doing this to myself and the soft voice that gives me so much comfort is the voice of the lord and i realize that when i sink i am giving into the devils temptation i am doing what is wrong i am betraying god but he still has hope for me as i here his soft comforting voice yell for me too wake and come back i realize I'm not another lost soul god has faith in me just like i have faith in him i finally find my way to what seems to be the million people i face my fears face to face with the devil himself looking him in the eyes is like 10 years of burning in hell as i sit and stare at him seeing what could become of me if i don't change what i am doing i hear the voice again but its different he seems farther away i feel a tear run down my face as i realize that i am fading i am becoming lost but yet the voice becomes stronger and louder eventually it sounds as tho he standing next to me and i hear him say come with me child take my hand and ill show you the promise land

by :Angel La-davia Wright[[this was written by my sister she wants to know what everyone thinks leave comments]]


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