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First Name:Tabithia// Tab-uh-tha

Middle Name: Noelle// No-Well

Last Name: Wright// Think you got it (:

Not good at it but i try
Music is my passion
I write songs but do not post
them on here..

I have won lots of contests with my poems

Ones that i find really Great i do not post i keep them in my notebook!
Can't be to trustful you know!?

Means the world to me
But not all of them are great


I only have a handful i trust with my secrets

Speaking of Secrets::

I <3 them too!
Nothing is better than knowing something someone else don't

Would be my little Sister Madison and Niece Alyssa

Comment my poems! I enjoy reading what you think..and be truthful nothings worse than a suck up =]]

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    It's happening again everything just went dark
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  • Dear lord, i have sinned again
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  • There is this word I call you
    So everyone will know...

  • You changed my life dramatically
    and now its not the same...

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  • Out of all the things you make me feel loved would not be on that list.

    Noelle Wright

    12 years ago
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