The Kiss

by Errol Mondell   Jun 5, 2010

It started with a simple kiss
her soft buttered lips against mine
as we embraced each other in a cloud of mist
it was the beginning of a wonderful time

She said good night and drove away
as my heart pounded each and every way
it was a feeling I never had
Should I be happy or sad

I gave her my number
and wondered if she would call
it was just another number
didn't think she would at all

About an hour later my phone began to ring
there was a happy voice on the other end
that uttered these words till the end
"You are a great kisser"

As the darkness in the night came over me
I wondered if she was the one for me
I felt so happy inside that night
I left the club with great delight

We began to date and have fun
laughter and joy as we unwind
even enjoy the summer sun
as we sat and have a glass of wine

We discovered happiness and fell in love
we enjoyed life for years to come
the passion of love we could not miss
every time we met, it was "the kiss"

We had so much in common that made life delighting
each day we walk and share our thoughts
this woman in my life was so exciting
'til one day it would all come to pass

My love for her was so immense
I could not hide the feeling I felt
her feelings for me were not the same
it broke my heart, oh what a shame

She made up her mind to say goodbye
to a long and happy wonderful time
I like you a lot, that's what she said
but my love for you; it's not the same

"The kiss" that brought us together was no longer there
thats what she uttered without despair
I cried as tears rolled down my cheeks
she looked at me without a care

I looked in her eyes and said; "I will miss you"
listenin' for comforting words of any kind
she uttered "I wish I could say the same too"
our love had come to the end of time

As I gave her the last hug, and kissed her lips
I could feel the rejection in "the kiss"
the petrified feelings in her touch
assured me that the love was not much

Where did I go wrong, what did I do
a pause of silence filled the room
while I waited for an answer long overdue
"maybe you are too nice and that's the true"

I miss her so much I can't explain
the feeling inside brings me pain
now I wish my love was not so real
wish she could feel the pain I feel

Will we ever come together again
no one knows only time will tell
until that day comes around again
my life will truly be a living hell

I gave her my love and gave my heart
she knew it right from the start
but at the end she tore it apart
never again will I trust a woman with my loving heart

"True Love Will Never Die"


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