The One I've Always Faced

by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden   Sep 5, 2010

You wouldn't like the song I'd write,
the song I'd write for you.
It'd be too soft, too slow, too sweet,
for you to listen through.

No lyric will be good enough,
not one will satisfy
the words I feel inside my being;
those which I can't deny.

Lying on these blades of grass
we behold the earth around.
As silent as the night should be
all I hear is sound.

All thoughts seem to fade away
and nothing else seems real,
but the one lying next to me,
yeah you're the one I feel.

I'd summon stars and planets
to obey your every whim.
For I always think of you,
when I think of them.

All this time eyes have been shut.
Now the untraceable has been traced
You're the one they open to;
the one I've always faced.


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