Uncover This

by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden   Jan 16, 2010

I owe my life to mother nature, founder of the sea,
and all the seedy increments of past and what's to be.
She tarnishes the presence of everything around,
with nothing but a touch or a softly spoken sound.

Time is always changing, lives appear then leave
and what seems hard to grasp is simply to believe.
And so I reach out for a friend, someone to hold my hand,
and yet they seem to disappear, alone again I stand.

Look through my door and walk through my glass
to fix the future and uncover the past.
This life is falling, as all lives are meant.
All return to from where they were sent.

So give me an echo of what we're meant to feel,
to show all the truth of bad dreams turned real.
Give me a sign of a future that exists,
by revealing the present, yeah uncover this.


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