Modern Resistance

by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden   Apr 25, 2010

By the time you get this message the world won't exist
and I have the feeling that you're gettin' kinda pissed.
But I've got to get it out there and say something's not right,
so we should try to stop it before the worse takes flight.

I've been counting down the days all these signs have gone unread
and it seems to me they say we're all going to be dead
unless we turn around and fight back to what's going on today,
but until this happens we'll continue to pay.

There are lunatics in politics and politics in God.
There's realism in fiction, making reality the fraud.
All these voices, they are screaming, but they go unheard.
This will only continue if we don't spread the word.

Come and join the warriors of the modern resistance.
We fight for what's right and use our persistence.
Let us seek the solution to our salvation
to lead us to our final celebration.


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