by Ken   Sep 25, 2010

Awoken by a bright light and new beginnings.
Ready to move on wth my life and start anew.
My wounds are healed and my heart mended.
I have you to thank for this.

When eveything about me was destroyed
When I felt like I had nothing left to give
You picked me up and said to me
"Come on I thought you were strong than that"

After that I found myself blindly following you
You had stop and ask with a smile
"Why are you following me?" and I'd say
"I dont know, I'm just following my heart."

I sat there and yelled out I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Yelling it a thousand times over in my head
While you turned away I'd swore I saw
No, I know I saw you lip the words I love you too.

My heart began to race, pounding at my chest
I couldn't help it I grabbed you held you close
And stole a kiss from you
I said "sorry I dont know what came over me."

With a shocked but happy expression you asked
"Are you still following your heart?"
You grabbed my hand and placed it against your chest and said "I think your heart is on the right path."

From there on it was just something about you
Something amazing that words couldn't describe
Every time I looked into your eyes
I just felt like I was reborn.

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