by Ken   Nov 8, 2010

A raging war full of blood, sadness, and pain
The spark of gun fire flash through the night
Screams of help far off in the distance
The smell of burnt flesh fills the air

As I rush into to battle to defeat this enemy
I fire my rifle I swing my knife taking life after life
All this just to bring back the light
All of this to get to you and end this fight

Finally you stand before me, eyes as black as night
I stand firm shake away any fears and doubt
I charge knife in hand as my battle cry echo's through the night
You charge with a murderous look in your eyes

We collied swinging furiously hit for hit blow for blow
You slip I take that opportunity to thrust my knife deep
Deep into your heart, breathing heavy you whisper
"You have won, victory is yours"

I can't help but look in fear
As I look through my blood filled eyes
And look closely at the face of my enemy
My enemy is me, the darkness inside of me

You shatter as if you were a mirror
A reflection of what I am or will soon be........

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