by iFallToPieces   Nov 19, 2010

He makes her smile more than anybody would understand,
Hes always the one to offer a helping hand.
Hes the one she can turn to when things are going bad,
But he doesnot know that he drives her mad.

He makes her happy; he makes her feel free,
He makes her feel like she could be anybody she wanted to be.
She is different around him; she can finally let things go,
The way he makes her feel, he will never know.

The smile on her face, is there because of him,
When she speaks to him, shes putting her heart on a whim
Shes not sure how shes feeling, is it infatuation?
She gets so distracted by all of the flirtation.

He makes things easier; she doesnt need to explain,
He just makes her smile, he makes her feel sane.
Nobody understand, the way he makes her feel,
Nobody knows that with him, it is real.

Shes smiling when shes with him; he makes her heart melt,
Theres no doubt that this is the strongest she has ever felt.
Shes different after shes been with him, everyone can see,
Nobody else can make her smile; nobody else makes her so happy.

But nothing can happen, its a forbidden fantasy.
He makes her somebody, shes happy to be.
Hes going to be somebody, she keeps close to her heart,
Because hes the one thats been there, since the very start.


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