by iFallToPieces   Nov 5, 2013

The skin on her wrists look so bare,
She has so many memories of what used to be there,
She's been trying to get better, she's been trying for so long,
But she doesn't understand why things have to go so wrong

She's longing for the feel,
Of the blade against her skin,
Nobody understands how much,
She wants to dig in

The cuts on her leg,
Don't cause as much pain,
It's been driving her crazy,
It's driving her insane

She's trying to do better,
She's trying to be strong
But it's not so easy,
When she's been alone for so long

She can't tell anyone,
They wouldn't understand,
Why would she want to hurt herself
When things are going so grand

She has been lying to her friends,
But they will never know
The longer she goes without
The stronger the feelings grow

Dark thoughts invade her mind,
Why is she always the one left behind?
Memories haunt her of when things were bad,
Nobody seems to understand that she is still sad

Just because she smiles doesn't mean she is okay,
How can you ignore her when she's there for you day after day?
She may not reach out, but she needs you to care,
Because she doesn't know how much longer she can stand to be here.


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