Lean On Me.

by iFallToPieces   Dec 29, 2010

Through the good and bad; the ups and downs,
I will be beside you, smiles or frowns,
I will try my best to help you out,
I will reassure you whenever you are in doubt.

I will wipe away the tears,
Bring out the fears.
Hurt the boy who breaks your heart,
Put you back together once you have fallen apart.

I will say the things; you do not want to hear,
If they treat you bad I will treat you fair,
I will say the things that make you cry,
And I will do my best not to say Goodbye.

You have been there for me and I am here for you,
Whether you like it or not we are stuck like glue.
I will make you happy and I will make you sad,
But we will get through the good and bad.

Friendship means, through thick and thin,
I may shut you out, but I will let you in.
I m here for you, whether you are right or wrong,
You can lean on me, I will keep you strong.


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