Does She Love Me Too?

by She Is My Rain   Dec 19, 2010

And in our moments of great pain,
We wish for it to only rain.

Our stars have yet to meet,
A certain plight, a dead end beat.
But when they do, a ballroom dance.
A life made new.

A colossal collision,
A firework filled sky.
We'll watch the night roll on by.
But when the morning sun breaks through,
We'll cling to something so brand new.

We fell in love, and fell in light,
Letting go of our endless night.

I've found something I can keep.
A love that feels more than complete.
The moment my eyes set on her,
My foolish thoughts became a blur.

I'd give her the world,
I'd give her forever.
To think that I thought this was my never.

So I wonder, does she love me too?
Does she feel the collision?
Does she see the bright lights?
Will she leave with me and end these nights?

Will we make this new?
So tell me, does she love me too?


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