by girlgood   Dec 21, 2010

ha ha...some kind of way to feel
overwhelmed with so many emotions
i pray to god they don't spill
going through so many it kind of hard to reveal
i don't to talk or do nothing but chill
I'm trying to to find the quickest wayy to heal
so much on my shoulder that i cant maintain
the pain i feel

i feel so lonely...but its so many people around
why do i feel like I'm the only one she puts down
somebody throw her a crown for making me drown
in deep emotions.

i develop this attitude i cant define
blinded by her personality has changed me majorly
in reality
i should of just killed with kind and maybe...just maybe i wont feel so out of line

lonely as i am and lonely it seems to be
I'm deep in this hole she dug for for me
i cant get out because of the power
she has over me
hopefully one day she'll open
her eyes
and realize its not me its her


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