My decision

by girlgood   Jan 22, 2011

1/21/11 is where it all begin
laying in the hospital bed waiting
for the doctors to begin
begin the speech that will change my life
from here on and end
nervous as hell sweat dropping from
my skin
she comes in n say your
pregnant my heart sink
my mind race
i couldn't think i just
stared at her without a blink

i snapped into reality when my mom
walked in
she walked to her seat with her coffee in hand
how I'm gone tell her or get her to understand
i don't want to be a disappointment
to her and everything fall out of hand
imma get an abortion and that will be the end
cant take care of a baby n i dnt have money to spend
all these thoughts are races though my mind
while i lay in the bed in realize the task i been assign

reality sets in and i made my decision
hours pass by and i laid there thinking 16
and pregnant is not a good vision


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