New experiences

by girlgood   Jan 29, 2011

All eyes on you when you walk through the door
i bit my lip down and with my eyes i explore
nicely fitted, dreads laid back,
i see what i want
I'm on a mission to go get it that

adjusted my dress
pushed my breast up
turn to my girl and asked her
how's my make-up

i did a 360 and walked and his direction
what am I'm going to say?
i hope i don't experiences rejection

i walked pass him
he grab my arm
that one touch sent chill
my body full alarm!

i turned around
he said whats up so smooth
i don't know what it was
i was in articulated and couldnt move

damn what is wrong with me i asked myself?
i snap back into reality and said nothing how about yourself?

after a lil chat we exchanges
number i went on my wayy and he went on his..


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