My one and only

by lovemehateme   Jan 8, 2011

Your my one and only and I wouldn't want it any other way,
your the reason for my smile and why I get up everyday.

Words can't describe how amazing you are.
But it's more than just another cheesy poem,
and how many times we say I love you before one of us says you win.

I can't believe how lucky I am to have someone like you though.
I mean it's almost unreal how I feel about you...
Being hurt by all these other guys then you come along and in just a few days were together.
I can't tell you how lucky I am for those few days.

I see my phone light up with your name.
My heart starts racing as I find myself with a sudden smile.
You send me a text saying " I love you ".
I like how you just randomly say that,
my heart melts and I couldn't be happier.

Your my light in the dark.
Your my blanket when it's cold.
Your the beat to my heart.
And the one I like to hold.

Your my favorite star out of all the others.
The reason I'm no longer lonely.
Your the perfect boyfriend.
Your my one and only.


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  • 10 years ago

    by WonderingSpiritDiaries

    Great poem. I feel the same way about this guy who i've practically known my whole life but he's not mine. still these feelings for him will never go away. still great poem 5/5