The Voice..

by lovemehateme   Jan 24, 2014

She's standing in front of the mirror,
She can hear a voice so blunt, so clear,
It tells her that she shouldn't be alive,
Yes, she's hurt, but she doesn't cry.

She hears the voice again,
wondering what to do,
she trys to make it stop,
but who can she turn too?

She leaves the mirror to enter her room,
She then pulls out a bottle of her most favorite perfume,
The voice calls back to her saying to break the aroma filled container,
But she ponders to herself the voice is quite the entertainer.

She sprays herself down with the perfume in her hand,
She tells the voice to leave her alone,
The voice responds by calling her name repeatidly,
She yells at the voice, "This is MY home!"

She passes out in anger but awakes with a suprise,
The house is quiet and she looks back in the mirror,
She wonders if the voice is gone but she's clearly mistaken,
The voice tells her she's fat and then the walls start shaking.

She's terrified now not knowing what to do,
the voice tells her it's her time to go,
but her tough act withers away,
she's scared to death so bad she wants to move but her feet say no.

The voice messes with her head,
It asks her, "why are you not dead?!"
She runs to the kitchen where she grabs a small, sharp knife,
she says to the voice,"Is this what you want?? My life??"

She cuts her wrist trying so hard to bare the pain,
tears rolling down her face she then cuts up her vein,
She doesn't want to die but she thinks it's the only way,
She says, "I can't live like this another fxcking day!"

She just wants it all to be over so she grabs her perfume,
she slams the fragrance filled container across the brick wall,
Shattering into an aroma filled glassy mess she has to make her call.

She knows she's hurting but she doesn't want to die,
she curls up in the corner then lets out a huge cry,
she knows she doesn't deserve this, she thinks she deserves much worse,
but the voice says, "I won't be happy til I see that long black hearse.."

Bloody, broken and so tired of hurting she stumbles to the basement,
she stands in her favorite chair tieing a rope like a noose, she whispers to herself, "what else do i have to lose....?"
she puts the noose around her neck and kicks the chair out from under her,
The voice's commands go soft and steady.."It may be suicide but I always win."


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