Vanishing into Forever

by Jemma   Jan 28, 2011

We don't care if the clouds pale
Floating beneath their dying moon
That draws the tide over crumbling shale

We don't care if the sun blushes
As it looks at the life its love's created
Or how a silver tear falls and crushes
The children that ran to meet the waves
That should have stopped the earth's cremation
But the fire remains

That we have to say goodbye is certain
The words have long been said
Afloat in the long, black curtain
Draw them home; let them cross the skies
We're just waiting
We were just waiting to die.

All is dry and charred, and is dust in our parched mouths
And as they quest for an end to the survival strife
They find the blood-drained stones
Which are reignited with their desire for life

Will they come?
Will they return the skeletons out of pity?
They wanted a foothold; we've given them a dead city

Here was before our time
Nothing left
Nothing here can be mine
All dry. All burnt
The stars dark
The powdery oceans churned

Sand storms at sea
Cradling the air
And choking me

We are clothed in the sky's rusty red
Admiring a moon in its subtle splendour
Trying to kick the dark clouds out of bed

Tonight we're still together
But we're staring at strange constellations
That are vanishing into forever


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