The Faceless

by Jemma   Jan 28, 2011

Is there help for the faceless ones
Or are they so cold and condemned
To the light of a dying star
That they're begging for the pain
Wanting to feel they should be ashamed
So they could believe they deserve their fate?
The fallen ones
The ones who won't come home

Does the grieving moon know their names
As they slipped beneath her gaze?
And the earth was famished and swallowed them

I'm holding a poor substitute for skin
Not knowing if they're all still out there
Fighting the enemy or their own fragile minds

Am I in debt?
Do I owe them life if I chose to take it?
The pillow I hug is cold but it still carries the ghost of you
Do you wear the mask tonight
So that none may know your heart?
The night is lonely when we are blind
But still searching

Are dead hands reaching out to me?
Can I take them to my heart and hold forever?
So I can look away from the faceless
So I can find home
Before the memory of it destroys me


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