The Thunder

by Jemma   Jul 7, 2011

He's only wheat, bending with the wind
Struggling not to buckle and break
Beneath the weight of a fragile world
Whose heart is failing
He's burdened, and tired
but the wind won't beat him down

He has a journey and so he's walking
a friend slung over shoulders
withering shoulders
keeping his head above the dust
That cakes his bare feet
He won't let him fall
It's too early to sleep

The air hums
still churning with thunder
and engines
Igniting the heavens
too far above him
his eyes reach out
whilst his hands cannot

He's terrified it's out of reach forever
He's terrified his world will slip forever

The air chokes
There is no water
No one left
Just two fading heartbeats hiding from the storm
And burning eyes searching high for meaning
His eyes are blind for he found none


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