Daddy's little girl

by A Phoenyx in Flight   Apr 24, 2011

I miss being your daddy's little girl
We use to be so close
I could tell you everything
All my little secrets

When I was younger
You were the one I would run to
Whenever I was sad and crying
Because I knew you'd always be there

I would wait up for you at night
I wanted to make sure I was awake
When you home from work
Just so I could say night daddy I love you

When I had the flu
You were the one I wanted
To stay in my room all night long
you made me feel better just by being there

On the fourth of July
It was you who'd I would beg
To take me to see the fireworks

When it was snowing out
I'd run to you and beg you to go sledding
And after wards go to reedies
And drink hot cocoa

That was then
Some how we changed
And I hate what we've become

Now we barely talk
And when we do
We fight and fight
And fight and fight

I've been in my room
For the past two hours
Crying my eyes out
And missing what we use to have

We've gotten so distant
I miss being daddy's little girl
I just want to be her again
Because I miss you daddy
And I love you soooo much!!!!


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