Carving Your Covenant.

by Poet on the Piano   Aug 6, 2011

(January 27, 2011)

As a child I spoke in digressive tongues,
seeking journey and open valley
yet I always ran free in my fantasy,
unaware of the real burden of omission.
When I grew to be stronger in spirit
my mind closed its artful passages
and I referred to ears as deception.

Then, I rolled among abstract waves
suddenly misdirected and without thought,
but a wind drafted a new promise,
one that would send me looking for fruit.

A holy presence breathed birth
further into my cynic disbelief
and I was forced against gravity
with a bewildering, anxious question.

Could I learn to know your message?

Your words, the times of eternity
where a leader, a devout author
understood the trials and tears;
you would come, saving my soul.

I never understood you had a will.

I now grow as a dependent mother,
harvesting your gifts through skin
and warming distress of lost eyes.
You have refocused my devotion,
throwing my shameful ashes away
and reiterating your gospel proclamation,
an announcement of perfect truth
where I will forever draw near and listen.

You have spoken, I will carry your actions.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Rusheena

    That was AMAZING!!! I really needed to read this, and I'm glad that God sent me here, tonight, to see it. I could hear your heart beat in that, and it reminded me that I still have one to be worked on. Thanks for listening to Him:)