ONE in the SAME

by East Poetry   Sep 9, 2011

What is... One in the Same?
What does this even mean?
Perhaps It's more perplexing
Then what you've ever seen.

So let me then just ask you,
Have You've heard that phrase before?
God and Jesus are "One in the Same"
Could it mean something more?

We know they're one in purpose,
At least as some explain.
But what if in existence itself,
They're "literally" One "IN" Same.

Perhaps this might seem out there,
Even a riddle of the mind.
But try to grasp it for a moment
And see what you can find.

Could it actually be the case,
indeed, for this reality to be.
and the only particle to master it,
is True Infinity. (God the father)

I think there's something to it,
as it ties into my thoughts.
Let's see If you can get my Gist,
or if I tie your brain in knots.

I'll take you on a journey,
a mind trip if you will.
To the beginning of existence,
when everything was still.

An interesting concept,
whether or not it could be true.
So take from it what you wish,
it's really up to you.

First things first, for arguments sake,
let's assume that one things right,
That is... that the first particle in *Existence,
was a perfect "Sphere".... all right!


Well... If a singularity begins to begin,
it expands equally everywhere.
360 degrees in unison,
taking the shape of a perfect sphere.

Occam's razor says it's so,
simply put, it's a philosophy, in that.
"The simplest truth is usually true",
when building up to fact.

With that said, let's visualize,
a mind trick we will play.
To see if you can fully grasp
exactly what I say.

Clear your mind of everything,
I know this may seem odd.
empty it of all but...YOU,
Let's say in your mind you're God.

Take a moment to close your eyes
perhaps pause the reading of this poem,
Imagine your intelligence hovering
inside an infinite size room.

There's nothing anywhere around you,
In your mind, you're floating there alone.
inside your thought, is infinite.
This vastness can't be shown.

Lets call this place a blackness.
This sort of "nothing" you are in.
But black will be it's concept,
where this mind trip will begin.

Now, in this place, think up a sphere,
to appear before your thought.
a translucent bubble of any size,
hovering in one spot.

No point in thinking where it sits,
just see it, so it's there.
How large is simply relative,
shrink it, grow it, I don't care.

Now...lets liken what you made,
as being the first creation of your mind.
Remember we're recreating the beginning,
to see what we can find.

You've made a sphere before you,
both in and out still void.
The only part that's matter (or exists)
is its surface you employed. (light)

Again, You imagined a sphere like particle,
appears within your mists.
translucent like a bubble,
but its surface is what exists.

So... can this sphere be infinite?
the question is... why not?
It can be of any size,
so give it all you've got!

Now with this sphere that's in your mind,
let's continue with our game.
My goals to help you understand,
the meaning of "One in Same."

let's give this place some attributes,
as it lingers in your sight.
let's keep the inside as this black,
But the outside realm... turn white!

Naturally the white will have to be something
Let's say a particle that's pure. (Spirit)
Made from a similar essence as the surface
One that can infinitely endure. fast can white fill your mind?
It's up to you... use any custom speed.
flipped on, its like it lights right up,
did you picture what it brings?

Bam!! The entirety of your mind,
it now has just filled white!
From the sphere's outside to infinity,
Suddenly... the inside loses sight!

The inside disappeared because,
this white shot from the face.
The Black that's on the inside now,
it seemed to just erase!

This speed at which it all turned white,
you set extremely fast.
Filling the infinity of your mind with white
and whatever else is past.

Now because you did this epic act,
this "extremely fast fill" of white.
Does that mean the black is gone,
just because it's out of sight?

It's true you cannot see within,
but it certainly should be there,
At the center of all this whiteness, right?
On the inside of the sphere.

So where are YOU, in all of this,
you're still just hovering by.
Now in an expanding realm of whiteness,
and as a presence, you can fly.

But what about the inside?
this infinite blackness in the deep. (Genesis 1:2)
It was "Your Cause" that's put it there,
should be no reason it didn't keep.

So why don't we go find it,
as the next step in our game.
We'll land upon its surface,
and look inside its frame.

You begin to fly right at it,
heading toward the deepest of your mind.
Blindly searching for the surface
to see what you can find.

You fly and fly... and fly and fly,
waiting for the "light" surface to appear.
But the only thing around is white,
could the black have disappeared?

You fly and fly ... and fly and fly,
but still to no avail.
it seems you cannot find it.
what is this tricky spell?

You realize then... your moving!
As if "a current" you are on.
When the white burst out it reached you
and pushed you right along.

Your zipping outward.. backwards.
Away from the place you want to go.
You know... the surface you created.
Where the inside... you must know.

It's a good thing that you realized this,
rather than chasing for all time.
After all you're still anxious,
to see whats there inside.

Just know that in this world of your mind,
no object can't be caught.
You can still move faster (upstream)
after all, you are simply thought.

You suddenly decide to move
even faster than this speed that has been set.
determined to find this surface,
of this fact you now can bet.

Your essence zips right through the white
toward where its source began.
To find and feel its surface,
And see the "Black" within.

So now... you have found it!
You land upon its face,
and the moment that you touch it
you can feel it's perfect grace?

Suddenly you notice!
You can feel your hands and feet.
you sense as though you're made of light.
And its oddly more complete

This amazing gift of perfection,
this body you are in!
You mold it to a human form
and slowly start to grin!

Nonetheless the surface is here,
the shell of the so called Deep.
So what are you waiting for, enter it!
Go on and take the leap!

Its time to see the inside,
you must open up the light.
Yet, lets use our imaginations shall we,
after all we have the right.

Lets erect a building around the spot,
this special place we want to breech.
Instead of ice picking our way through,
let's respect what it will teach.

Imagine a beautiful building arises,
It's whiteness bursts up from the ground.
The most amazing building you've ever seen,
it appears with out a sound. (Temple)

A large arching doorways now!
Standing a few feet from your face.
With an intricately crafted door knob
set securely in its place.

Before you can blink, the building is there,
the passage you seek is with in.
You reach for the door, gently twist,
then slowly walk within.

You traverse a beautiful hallway,
that opens to a giant spacious room.
You see at its center, a circular pool,
with stairs descending into its plume.

The steps plank out to the center of a pool,
Where they gradually sink below,
Dipping below a watery like surface,
with a unique and special glow.

You make your way out to the center,
to the place the stairs descend.
As they disappear below the surface,
you can help but sense a friend.

You walk to the end of the stairs, and stop,
then bend out to look below.
This is the moment you've been waiting for,
the moment that you'll know.

You take your first step, to enter in,
Thinking "the answer's here at last."
Even notice the silhouette of your body,
against the darkened pools contrast.

As your body touches the water,
Miraculously it starts shedding off the light!
Keeping it on the surface,
encircling your flight.

You realize that this body
must not be able to enter where you go.
It's converting back to simply thought,
that's interesting to know.

Soon fully submerge, all the way in,
you look up above your head
and the point where you just entered
a halo has been shed.

Now's your chance to look around,
for inside the blackness you can see.
A place of infinite size and truth
yet there seems to be nothing.

The blackness stretches on
for what seems to be forever.
Then you notice something... FAR FAR away!
a dot expanding at its center.

You sense it growing at you
and then you make a clever read!
It's growing directly at you,
at your chosen custom speed!

The exact speed that you emitted,
when activating white.
You chose how fast it would expand
it was your given right.

Shocked, You notice on its surface,
even though its infinitely far away.
The building YOU created,
and it's the same in every way.

An understanding flushes through you.
from the place that you just came.
you might actually finally understand
the concept of "One in Same."

But how's this even possible!
"the Same" expanding at its own center!
Growing to infinity,
inside the same place that you just entered!

You look back toward the steps confused,
and realize something odder.
the light that was your essence,
exists only at the surface of the water.

When stepping down into the black,
the light that was your form
remained "Existing" on the surface
and... it was there that you felt warm.

In fact it wasn't until your feet touch ground,
that you grasped the concept such "touch"
and now you're back to just your thought.
and you miss it very much.

Being back to just Your Thought!
And your light remained up on the film.
you grasp..."ALL EXISTENCE" actually exists,
on that plane or surfaced realm.

Just like the bubble you created
in the beginning of this gist
only "it's surface" is what was spoken
as the particle "EXIST"

And the place where you are now
is void... or "yet to be"
but in time the white (Spirit) will claim it,
expanding to be free.

You move back towards the steps, and out,
passing through the halo of your light.
But now, stepping through you notice,
you've taken on another plight.

You sense your still a purity,
but now there's color akin to flesh,
as if by immersion you've been gifted,
and a vibrant body has been left.

Aware of this new body,
there's something you don't get.
YOU gave the white its "custom speed",
You wonder... what if you made it infinite.

Its just a simple mind change,
and so you make it true.
You realize that if you do this
inside, the white will reach to you.

You make the simple change, and shocked!
Suddenly, a person emerges from the water
the most beautiful person you've ever seen
and still... infinitely hotter!

This person walks right up to you,
takes your hands and softly speaks
"It's me, my love... your Soul mate,
did you sense me in the DEEP?"

Then softly by the hands
They lead you to the door that goes outside.
All while speaking of a garden,
and the journey you will ride.

Romans 12:4-5
Acts 17:28
John 14:10
John 17: 20-23
D&C 50:43

(This poem could end here, but there's more)

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  • 10 years ago

    by L

    The changes made it a tad more confusing for me as I was not expecting the ending,
    it has been a long time since I read this poem that i don't remember what ending it used to have but I don't think that this one was the one that used to have.

    I mean I was not expecting the part about my son has his own mate... and so this changes what I though about the holy spirit. May be I need to re read it.

    • 10 years ago

      by East Poetry

      No worries

      its a crazy long poem

      I will work on that part to clarify my idea's on it better.

      thx for reading it.


  • 11 years ago

    by Paul Gondwe

    This was really long but you wrote it in a way that you were speaking to and talking to the reader.

  • 11 years ago

    by Kitty Kurse

    This is great! It really told a story and I could see yourself in this poem

  • 11 years ago

    by Mello193

    This was awesome. unlike most of the people if read it through. very deep. emotional even, it seems as if you have a better grasp of life and death everything and nothing pretty well. maybe even more then I. your poems are unique to say the least. i wonder how smart you actually are to have written this. this poem astounds me. GREAT job man

  • 11 years ago

    by East Poetry