Terrible Secret

by ana   Dec 22, 2011

Theres this girl,
She's been touched where no man should be,
But her later years, with her husband.
Theres this girl
High school freshman to be exact.
living with a terrible secret
no young girl should ever have to live with.
An outcast,
life ruined by a party.
virginity gone.
friends gone.
She's lost everything.
including herself.
Theres this girl
wont speak of that night
wont tell anyone the truth
shes all alone.
Theres this girl,
doesnt want to tell on this boy.
scared of her future
ready to let go.
shes wishing for change
anything good to happen,
so tired of being alone.
She needs help.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Marvellous

    Whatever has happened, all happened for good.. But the Change, we seek_simply lives in our mind! What does 'she' believe, is possible? What is she not giving up on? As 4 me, I'ld strictly hold unto my good admiration; of d to-come generation, knowing, it needs settle when dense. Pitiful story there, but, it's just life.. She could still get there, if she cares. Take heart n move on! Nicely done. 5 volts of expression strength, still!