Her Last Step Into Darkness

by ana   Jan 1, 2013

Forever Has Passed By,
And Nothing Is There Still,

Before The Wait,
She Cut Her Arm In Anger.

Cried Until No More Salty Tears Came,
Screamed Til' Silence Took Her.

Slowly, Ever So Slowly,
Her Eyes Became Dark,
Her Voice Emotionless.

Darkness Accepted Her With A Cold Embrace,
And She Lies On Its Misformed Figure,
Hopping To End Such Suffering.

But, In The Wait,
She Found Something That Was Ever So Tasteful...

She Layed In Wait To Feel It Again,
Although Her Watch Said Time Was Up.

She Waited,
And Endlessly....

Wanting Only A Human Heart To Grasp,
With Such Gentleness,
It Beats Softly In Her Hand.

Shes Still Falling Into The Last Step Of Darkness....
Falling Into A Deep Deep Soundless Pit....

Please, Someone Be Her Light.


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