Little girl

by ana   Jan 8, 2012

Little girl, sitting in the corner.
You have a broken heart.
And you're crying over what's no longer yours.
You say that everything is okay,
And fake a smile.
Hoping that nobody can see the pain in your eyes.
You've forgotten who you are.
You trust nobody
Your worst enemy is love
And your best friend is a razor blade.
You lock yourself in your room
And isolate yourself from the world.
The only other true friend you have is music.
It knows exactly how you feel.
And it can't stab you in the back.
You look iin the mirror,
Tell yourself you're ugly.
Then spend hours putting on makeup.
Hoping that maybe you'll finally look perfect.
You're trapped by all the thoughs in your head,
All of them consisting of words you never said.
You're waiting for the day that you're finally dead.
But it doesn't have to be this way.
As time goes by,
Scars fade,
Mistakes are forgotten.
And lessons are learned.
It can't rain all the time,
The nightmares will go away eventually,
Remember that soeone will always be there for you.
Now go wash your face,
Wear your best,
Put on your smile.
And go show the world your beauty.
Keep your chin held high,
And be yourself.
Don't hide your feelings.
Be loved for who you are!


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Jump from Life

    I'm going through this right now, and have been for quite a few years.... I remember days where i lost hope and faith, days where i gained it back, only to lose itagain... your right, it does get better :)

  • 8 years ago

    by Tangerine

    Great write. I've also felt like this during my teenage years. The insecurity, and lack of self-worth. I hope you overcome it dear.. :)