Perfect Love

by The Poetic Child   Jan 4, 2012

Connection at it's greatest, We click like a magnet on a metal frame
Except we continue to reach permanence like a freckle stain
Mindless chatter, yet Important speech
Cause every word from your lips is like an important preach

Constantly thinking about how we went through an emotional change
And how we went from joking on eachother to an emotional range
Where we could text mindlessly, call excitedly, see eachother privately, and kiss (omg) Finally

Succulent lips from a chick, we'd call a Goddess, and I'm just being honest
when I can say Damn,
Your chick is hot, but BOY mines the Hottest
Tan skin, Span Thin,
Touching Perfect fit hands, Where my hands been
Eyes that could kill you, Eyes that could heal you,
Eyes that if you look straight into themem, their eyes that can Feel you
I can get stuck on those simple qualities, and I make it apparent,
Cause I'm not talking papers when I say this love is transparent
Cause I'll show the world, See through it is what I'll make of it
Cause I'm here to show everyone "our" love, see what they take from it

See that it doesn't take gifts and diamonds to put a smile and a tear
I can show every man that all it takes, a little while and a ear
And You can show every woman, that it doesn't take anything complex,
That as men all we want is affection, compassion, not your body and sex
That as men we all have a duty, to listen to your hearts and step up
Cause the part that I am most interested about you starts from your neck. Up.
And I have to think about you all the time, just to get some mindful rest,
And how the only thing I want to grab in my hands. Is behind your chest

Prove to the world that things could work if you're together like a parliament
Cause were living proof, we've know eachother for over 3 years without one single argument
How we can endlessly just sit bask in our presence and watch movies, It boggles my mind
Cause its not the extent of what I'm doing with you, its just the extent of the time
And it boggles my mind, how every great thought in my head, has something about you
Cause I just cant say I'd be the same man I am today, if I was living without you

From your perfect talks, perfect kisses, and perfect hugs
I am ready to take this year 2012... With our Perfect Love.

I love you


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  • 7 years ago

    by Dustin S

    Not bad man, I see you're still flowin. Hmu, maybe we should write another one.