The Future That Speaks

by Glenn G   Jan 29, 2012

Although I can't see, I know you are there
So much in the dark and completely unaware
Last night when you and your date went a little to far
You remember all that touching you did in the car
All that lust you had in your eyes
Will soon turn to tears that may never dry
What I have to tell you won't be easy
You'll find out anyway when you begin to get queasy
Mother nature has a way of letting you know
Prior to the time you begin to show
I am a product of your short lustful fling
A baby (soon to be person) , not just a thing

Well it's been six weeks since my beginning day
They've tried to get you to abort me but you said, "no way"
I really respect you for doing what's right
After all, I am the beginning of life
People say I am nothing but membrane and tissue
But if your mother would've aborted you just think who would have missed you

Think about what I might look like when I grow up
My hair might be blonde like a buttercup
If I am a girl I may get a chance
To date some guy and have a true romance
I may be an actress or beauty queen
More beautiful than any you've seen
I may be the first female to become president
Make the white house my place of residence
I might be the one to discover a solution
To all the worlds' troubles and pollutions

If I am a boy I may really go far
Earn a million dollars with a new electric car
I might become general of all the armed forces
Find a cure for aids or maybe raise horses
I might become a star like Clark Gable or Jack Benny
Take home an Oscar or maybe and Emmy
I might find a way to bring about world peace
End world hunger or get the homeless off the street

You could have ended my life in some clinic that's true
But would it be fair? I'm only here because of you
You've come to the conclusion that I deserve a chance
Thank God for mothers like you that take a stance
I hope when I am about to become a parent
My frame of mind will be just as coherent
Then maybe I to can take a stand for human life
No matter if I have a husband or a wife
The most important thing I see
Is not to tamper with life's destiny
When God brings a baby into this world
It doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl
The fact is that they deserve a chance to seek
Every opportunity to be the future that speaks


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