by Glenn G   Jun 12, 2023

Parents are more than a bank.
More than a place to unpack when the money runs out.
More than a sounding board when life is not going well.
More than babysitters.
More than a memory to fade after they're gone.

Parents give life,
Give love,
Teach with no degree,
Tissue to cry on,
Love when life makes you feel unlovable,

When they have grown old, lonely, and set aside by society.
They deserve more than a monthly phone call,
More than a fleeting memory.
They deserve love, respect, and companionship.
They deserve children who remeness every day, rather than just a viewing when they're gone.

If it weren't for parents there wouldn't be children, I think that makes them pretty important.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Maher

    I completely agree. I would never put my parents in a home and believe that heaven is beneath my mother's feet. I'd gladly give my life for either of them and would defend them until I die.

    Thank you for writing this, Glenn.