The Mechanic

by Glenn G   May 27, 2023

I once had a dad,
I watched, I learned
I was so mesmerized by the way he could bring things back to life,
Water pumps, gas pumps, power steering, radiators, carburetor.
It didn't matter what It was he could give It a second life.
He was patient to explain it to me in a way even a 10 year old boy could understand.

The Lord took him from me at just age of 62.
I was terrified of not being able to repair my car, fix my refrigerator. And I started trying, first was changing my brakes, changed the drive shaft, fix the power steering.

One day I understood it, God has to have my dad but he left his hands in my hands. It never made me miss him any less but it sure did make me proud of him.

He needed someone he could teach and I needed someone who would allow me to learn. We made a good team.


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