My Last Valentine

by Ali   Feb 15, 2012

I remember how happy we were,
And were glowing in glee,
You were jumping in joy,
It was a love so free,

I was just looking at you,
With your eyes full of love,
I always felt that you are the one,
Who was sent from above,

I held you so tight,
And still remember your kiss,
A touch of extreme warmth,
which still I so miss,

You made so many promises,
Said you would never leave,
But something happened to you,
You left me all to grieve,

I wish I could all change,
What happened in last June,
I would still get you back,
Even if you are stuck on the moon,

I still remember everything,
Trying so hard to forget,
I know I cannot do,
Except to just sit and fret,

As I sit alone today and think,
On this Valentines day,
I never thought it was the last,
And I would be left all astray,

Please come back to me,
Do what is left undone,
I wont be able to love anyone,
As for me you're the one.


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