by Alleycat   Feb 21, 2012

Waiting for my knight in shining armor,
The kind of guy who is a real charmer.
But I realized waiting isn't for me,
And I couldn't just sit around and let it be.
I figured it was time to go out and help myself,
Instead of waiting around collecting dust like a book on a shelf.
Searching around every corner for my prince charming,
But what I found instead was much more alarming.
A normal man with normal clothes,
When I saw him my heart just froze.
I loved him from the moment I saw him,
Even if our future was grim.
I took his hand and closed it in mine,
And he knew with our love we could not decline.
Embracing me and sweeping me off my feet,
Not even knowing how fast he made my heart beat.
He made me realize I don't need a prince,
I have been happy with him ever since.
A crook a bandit or thief with a new start,
After stealing my one and only heart.
It will always remain his,
Because our love is what it is.
He may not be a prince with shining armor,
But he is my man and one hell of a charmer.
I will love him once and forever more,
Because he is the only man I truly adore.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Michael Mercado

    Shows how much you really care. im glad you truly found the one i can relate to that feeling. your poems are great dont stop writing!

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