The Poets Pen

by Glenn G   Mar 17, 2012

If the poets pen could write no more
Life would become such a bore
It's the poet who puts into words
The things that are seen and heard
Life's too short to see everything there is to see
Unless we see it through the poet's poetry
My poems may sometimes be weak and their content small
But someday I hope people read them all
So I can share a part of me
Others may never get the chance to see

My friend whom I've known for such a short time
Pick up your pen and write that next line
Don't deprive this world of the gift God gave
Give it a part of you to be saved
This world for us will not be eternal
But we can live on through our notes and our journals
You, a person of great inner wealth
Should share a piece of yourself
I leave you with one piece of advice
Pick up your pen and write poet write


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