My Everyday

by Glenn G   Mar 17, 2012

You are my yesterday
Yesterdays are full of cherished memories held dear
-Your beautiful smile
-The kind and gentle words that only you could speak with such wisdom
-The essence of your fragrance as you pass by
-The soft touch of your caring warmth
-The look in your eyes,......portholes to the inner wealth of a soul so valuable that it can neither be bought nor sold

You are my today
Todays are the start of a new beginning
-An unending journey to a state of perfect peace
-A commitment to help those less fortunate
-To fight those who are wrong for what God says is right
-To empty myself of hate for the unlovable as did Jesus of Nazareth
-To beckon my shadow to walk with me in peace or walk alone
-To look beyond the worthless value others place on me so I can see God's plan without the hazy fog of selfish want

You are my tomorrow
Tomorrows always bring hope
-Hope of a better life
-Hope of a true and unending love
-Hope that sadness will not stifle the nourishing of my joy
-Hope that my enemies of today will be my friends of tomorrow
-Hope that the Lord's hand will heal my ails and comfort my woes
-Hope that I will share my day with you as the sun with the moon, the stars with the heavens and the Angels with eternity

You are my everyday
The passing of each tomorrow brings another yesterday


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