Call Me Beautiful

by Megan   May 23, 2012

Let's drive away.
Going nowhere on a road that leads to somewhere.
Lay in the back of the car with the sunroof down
To stare up at the stars
And fall asleep
In each others' arms
Just to wake up in the morning
Knowing you'll be at my side
To call me beautiful.
Call me beautiful.

Call me beautiful
In the morning.
Let me wake up to the sound of your beating heart.
With your arms around me tight,
I'll kiss your cheek so soft and light,
And you'll look at me
And say, "Hey,
It's a lovely day
To be in love with you,
I promise that I'll stay
Another night
Another morning,
I need you more than you could know.
I am yours and you're my baby,
And if I ever let you go,
I'll be ashamed
To call your name,

Call me beautiful and mean it.
If you're lying,
I don't need it.
Be there for me when I am breaking.
Clean the mess I'm always making.
Hold me tight and let me cry
Because I need it.
Don't wanna need you.
Don't wanna need you, but I do.

So call me beautiful tomorrow,
Call me beautiful today,
Call me beautiful when I'm soaking wet
From walking through the rain.
Please say,
"Beautiful, I need you,
I will save you from your pain.
When you're sleeping, crying, waking,
You are beautiful all the same.
You are beautiful.

You are beautiful
In the morning
When you scrunch up your nose
And wipe your tired eyes.
And when you kiss me on the cheek,
My heart leaps 'cause I can see
How much you love me.
Loving you is easy,



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  • 9 years ago

    by Sora

    Very touching piece. this is one of those poems that makes a person wish for a love like that. every girl deserves to have someone to call them beautiful. very well written, i loved it. 5/5