The Only Thing That I Don't Have

by Maria Chatziilia   Jun 3, 2012

Money can't buy me happiness
That I know too well
And my story won't be remembered
if I'm not here to tell.

Clothes can't make me smile
Unlike what other girls say
They don't bring my self-esteem
they'll be worn out one day.

I have a nice house
Something you call home
but what you don't know is
at night, the streets I roam.

I have money, I have clothes and a house
but they will never be enough
'cause I have everything you'd ask for
but I only long for your gentle laugh.

Money won't make you love me
they way I love you, as much as I do
My clothes don't shine bright enough
to make you notice me, to attract you.
And the house is empty, it's not a home
For you're not here with me
and still, the streets I roam.

Please don't tell me I should be happy
'Cause I have everything I could ask for
then tell me why you're not here
why am I still crying on the floor.

Oh, right it's because I have everything
except for what I want the most
it's you I love, it's you I dream of
but you'll always be just a ghost.


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