Who Will Give Up First?

by Maria Chatziilia   Jun 23, 2012

I've always been here for you no matter what.
You never were there when I needed you the most.
I've had my own problems and you've had yours,
but somehow I carried your insecurities as well.

I'm not sure I'm living the life I've always imagined,
and you're definitely not living your dream life.
But the thing is, your sorrow makes me fall apart,
and your happiness is more important than my tears.

I can't remember the last time I felt beautiful, alive
because I lost myself along the way, trying to save you
when I was already in need of someone to save me
but of course, you were never there, you never were.

You're doing your own thing, who cares about me?
My problem is, I never stopped caring about you.
Although you're not my boyfriend anymore,
I still find myself smiling every time you talk to me.

And it hurts, you know. Not being loved back.
Not being the one you think about at night.
Not being the girl you want to be with forever.
Not being good enough for you when you're all I need.

So what am I going to do? What will happen to me?
What will happen to you? You've already moved on.
Did you forget all I did for you? Do you remember me?
Do you remember all the times I made you smile?

I never forgot how you made me feel all this time.
Good and bad moments, mistakes, tears, laughs.
A hopeless dreamer, a pessimist, a crying baby,
Someone who loved you more than anyone else will.

How will this love story end? Who will break down first?
Am I strong enough to face both your problems and mine?
I'm already tired of being your last option, so useless.
Will you give up on me before I give up on you?

I don't plan on letting you go as long as you lie to me
and say you love me more than any other girl.
I don't trust you as much as I used to before you left,
but I would still give anything to just be with you.

And you, what about you? I probably don't matter.
You're enjoying someone else's company now,
you're in someone else's arms, you kiss someone else,
and I'm right here waiting for you to remember me.


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