If I Never Say I Love You

by Maria Chatziilia   Jun 21, 2012

This poem is for you, my one true love,
if you're reading it, it means I'm high above.
I really didn't want to end things this way,
I know you'll forgive me for walking away.
I've always loved you but I never told you,
Wish I had another chance so I could hold you.
Ours wasn't a common and boring love story
filled with happiness, laughs, joy and glory.
I don't think anyone else understands but us,
we understood each other but we didn't discuss.

All I'm saying is, I had the time of my life with you,
although I didn't even know what I meant to you.
I think we both knew we had fallen for each other,
the moment we found out we couldn't love another.
But something would always make us weak,
each time I tried to talk to you, I couldn't speak.
We held each other as tight as lovers do,
We never needed anyone else to talk to,
You protected me as if I were your best friend,
I made plans about our life like there was no end.
I cried the hardest when you couldn't cry any tears,
I was afraid because I couldn't ever fight your fears.
You were the one who was always by my side,
even though you had to forget about your pride.

So how come we never dared to say ''I love you''?
You were my man, I was the best part of you.
Skinny love, is what they call it, but what do they know,
Stupid people like them easily come and easily go.
This is a poem for you, and I hope you understand
that I'll always be here although I can't hold your hand.
I'm really sorry I'm not there with you right now,
I wish there was an easier way to explain how,
how I felt when I did what I did, when I disappeared,
but darling please understand, it's myself I feared.
My deep love for you would cause you so much pain,
and if I didn't leave, all my efforts would be in vain.

Please don't ever blame yourself for believing,
I wasn't lying to you, I really didn't plan on leaving.
But dear, you know I love you more than I love myself,
Sometimes, you have no choice but to save yourself.
I know you too well, you're going to curl up and cry,
because I left without a kiss, I never said good-bye.
I know you have so many questions,why I'm so cruel,
You will never call me again your precious little jewel.
I'm writing this now that I'm safe high above you,
Asking you to forgive me if I never say I love you.


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